The Brand

Co-founded by Justin Anderson and Ty Jerome, Virginia’s Locker Room Access is designed to give you the inside look at players, coaches, family and friends of the program.  We want this to be your daily destination for sports talk. If you care about Virginia, why go anywhere else?  This site gives our players and fans a place to call home.  Want to know what your favorite player is up to? Ask here. Locker Room Access get you the inside talk, the gear that players wear, and the X’s and O’s, and everything else that pops into our heads.  Jump in, listen, read, talk, chat and GO HOOS!

What’s it for?

As players leave school, we still want a way to connect with teammates, fans, friends and the entire community.  Right now, there isn’t a good place for all of the basketball alumni to connect. We believe this will solve that and give fans a unique opportunity to react.  Not all of us are in the NBA and have a platform that’s as visible and this gives us a place to keep each other updated on each other and the one thing that brought us together.  

So what exactly is it?

Locker Room Access is a platform that we’ll use to communicate.  We’ll start with a forum and shop, but it will soon include podcasts, videos, blogs and more…  The good, bad and ugly…this is a place where we’ll learn what, players, ex players, coaches, fans are doing and thinking.

Our Founders

  • justin founder

    Justin Anderson


  • Tyfounder

    Ty Jerome


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