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An Anonymous UVa Basketball Player Answers Questions on the LRA Twitter Account

An Anonymous UVa Basketball Player Answers Questions on the LRA Twitter Account

(Image - Zack Wajsgras - Daily Progress)

At 2:56 pm Eastern Time today, the Locker Room Access twitter account put out a tweet that read "Q&A with an anonymous UVA player for the next few. GO!"

Questions have flooded in the comments, and the answers have been fiery. Now, it's time to analyze just what has been said, and maybe even deduce which of the seventeen guys on the roster has taken to twitter to enlighten us with his hottest of takes.

The first hot take was prompted by @alehooz's question "Who would win in a dunk contest on the team?" Our anonymous player's answer? Unequivocally, "Jay Huff."

I can't disagree with that, but I will note that incoming transfer Trey Murphy has been known to throw down a dunk or two in his college career.

Sticking with the contest theme, @LeifThulin wondered "Who wins a 3 point shootout on this years roster? Sam, Tomas, kihei or anyone else?" The one-word response came back as "Sam."

While Hauser's career three-point shooting rate stands at an impressive 44.5%, I wouldn't count Tomas Woldetensae (who, you may remember, made six or more threes in three separate games last season), or incoming sharpshooter Carson McCorkle.

Next up, the fan account @UVABasketball asked "How good is Sam Hauser?" The straightforward answer? "ELITE" says our anonymous hoopster.

That does seem to be the overwhelming sentiment surrounding Hauser's upcoming debut this fall, with many analysts pegging him to be an ACC POTY and All American selection candidate. In fact, even last year's defensive stalwarts Mamadi Diakite and Braxton Key expressed their appreciation for Hauser's game.

When asked by @andrewbreen3 to prognosticate who would lead the 'Hoos in scoring next season, the nameless and faceless Wahoo emphasized "I can't predict the future."

While he may not be able to predict the future, I certainly can, and, as such, I see in my crystal basketball that Sam Hauser will lead the team in scoring with 14.6 PPG. Take it to the bank.

@notkarlhess asked an interesting question, wondering which "team you haven't played against yet that you'd like to?" Our anonymous player responded "Kentucky."

Undoubtedly, a Bennett vs Calipari matchup would be one for the ages, if for no other reason than to see the packline defense demolish the spirits of the November edition of Cal's annual all freshman team.

Once more, @LeifThulen posed a question, asking "What was most impressive 1-3? 1. Kihei to Mamadi against Purdue 2. Kyle Guy tough 3 and then Ft's vs Auburn 3. Ty to Dre against TTU." The response came back as "That order sounds about right."

Coincidentally, this topic was one of long-winded debate in the most recent episode of "Fauxch's Corner" with Phony Bennett.

Personally, I think Kyle's three free throws were the most impressive. First off, unlike the other two plays, he had to think about his shots over a period of time that, while short, must've felt like eons. Secondly, he had to make three separate shots. Lastly, he won the game with that play, while the other two only tied everything up for overtime.

Which play do you think was most impressive?

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