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What is the Anti Offense Defense Club?

What is the Anti Offense Defense Club?

I wanted to take a little stab at what the Anti Offense Defense Club could mean. This is by no means anything official, but an interpretation.

How many of you know the story of the Anti Social Social Club? It was founded by Neek Lurk. The legend goes like this. As a social media manager for Stussy, Neek had a BAD breakup with his girlfriend who he loved dearly. He fell into a deep spiral of negative thoughts and depression. He wanted to be alone and also share in his misery. So he thought to himself, “I want to put these emotions into a design.” He came up with this design called the Anti Social Social Club (see below). The waves in the logo represent his emotions. It fits today's youth as many people want to be alone, but also want to share on Social Media.

So after Neek designed this logo, he put it on some t shirts and hoodies and put them online. He sold 12 of them. Enough to where he thought, maybe this can be something. One of those purchases came from none other than Kanye West (A friend of the Stussy Brand). Who was seen wearing his hoodie.

As the photo above went viral, people found Neek's website. The rumor was that Neek went to sleep that night not knowing Kanye had wore his hoodie and woke up to over 150,000 orders of his clothing. He had not put a limit of inventory on his web store and a cultural moment was BORN.

That brings us to the Anti Offense Defense Club. What does that have to do with anything? Well, think about the painful losses in UVA history. After UMBC, how many fans went into a deep dark place, similar to what Neek experienced. Or for the older fans, the Chaminade loss, or the NC State loss... For fans, those were dark times and that wave of emotions in the anti social social club rings true.
And yes, you could also think UVa's style of play as a Defensive club that stops offenses (anti offense). Or even when we aren't playing well, we don't score, but we play tough defense. Lots of ways to interpret it. We represent what everyone says is boring. Defense... This tells a deeper story of being a UVA fan. Wear it proudly. Go Hoos!


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